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Semi Automatic Capping Machine is used to tightem the caps of the bottles. The capping machine consist of the foot operated paddle. The bottle is to be placed on the stan . By pressing the paddle of the capping machine , the stand consisting of the paddle rises and reaches the head of the capping machine. As the bottle rises, the capping head consisting of the die or tightener tightenes the bottle.

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Automatic Capping Machine
Automatic filling Machine Click Here To See The VideoClick to see the video
The Automatic capping machine consistes of a conveyor and the chute which consists of the caps and is responsible for feeding the caps to the bottles. The liquif filled bottles come from the automatic filling machine or a semi automatic filling machine through conveyor and are placed on the conveyor of the Machines. The Machines consists of the star plate through which the bottle reach the head of the capping Machines. The head of the capping Machines tightens the cap and the bottle is ready for final packaging

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